Gripset BRW-PF is a self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane with a polypropylene fabric facing that supports the application of surface finishes for waterproofing internal and external areas. The high tack butyl backing provides a high-performance waterproof layer with outstanding resistance to vibration, movement and flexing, delivering a waterproofing system that overcomes the limitations of liquid membranes and bitumen tack sheet membranes.

Forming an instant waterproof seal when applied onto surfaces, BRW-PF the system avoids downtime for drying or curing, enabling surface finishes and adhesives to be applied directly over. BRW-PF can be finished over with Gripset adhesives, membranes, coatings, screeds, mortars, renders and approved decorative finishes.


  1. Excellent performance in low to high temperatures, -300C to 800C
  2. Allows direct fix of surface finishes, tiles with/without screeds
  3. Anti-fracture system
  4. Compatible as a multi-layered system with BRW-HD


  1. Primed or dense concrete
  2. Dincel Structural walls
  3. Galvanised iron, zincalume, copper, aluminium, and most metallic
  4. Soft and rigid plastics, PVC, DPC films