• Solvent free primer specifically developed with adhesion enhancing properties on metals, and non absorbent substrates. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, achieving high adhesion without the need for etching or using solvents. Outstanding adhesion properties over non porous substrates. Solvent free, fast drying. Enables adhesion of Gripset membranes, coatings, adhesives and mortars over difficult substrates Substrates Metals including: galvanised iron, zincalume, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass treated steel, colorbond sheeting Precast and tilt up concrete, glass reinforced concrete Existing ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and natural stone
    Coverage Up to 1 litre/12m2
    Dry Times 30-60mins
    Colour Wet/dry: Blue
    Packaging 5 litre and 15 litre pails
  • Uses
    • Moisture barrier to negative sides of underground wall structures to prevent moisture ingress (basements, lift pits, retaining walls etc)
    • Protective primer over concrete and mineral surfaces containing residual dampness, enabling the application of finished coatings without blistering or delamination
    • Protection against rising damp and efflorescence on wall and floor surfaces to enable direct fixing of vinyl, carpet, tiles, timber, levelling compounds, screeds etc over
    • Concrete, masonry surfaces, renders, screeds.
    • Concrete blocks and aerated concrete.
    Coverage Vapour block primer/efflorescence prevention: 1 litre/3m2 Moisture Barrier: 2 x coats at a coverage of 1 litre/3m2per coat
    Dry Times Recoat: 2-4 hours Finishes: 24 hours
    Colour Wet/Dry: Pale grey
    Packaging 10 litre Kit - Part A & Part B in 5 Litre in plastic pails 20 litre Kit – Part A 10 litre of product in 20 litre pail & Part B in 10 litre plastic pail
  • Multipurpose 2 in 1 primer and a bonding agent. As a primer, Gripset GP enhances adhesion of Gripset membranes over porous surfaces. As a bonding agent, it improves adhesion, strength and waterproof properties of cement-based compounds. Suitable for porous substrates. Fast drying with economical coverage. Outstanding adhesion.
    • Primer for Gripset membranes
    • Tile, render and paint primer (acrylic paints only)
    • Concrete, masonry, renders and screeds
    • Concrete blocks and aerated concrete
    • Cement sheeting, plaster board and general wet area linings
    Coverage Membrane primer: Applied neat at 1 litre per 6m2 Paint, tile or render primer: Dilute 1 part GP to 2 parts water
    Dry Times 20-30 minutes
    Colour Wet: White Dry: Clear
    Packaging 5 litre and 15 litre pails; 200 litre drums; 1000 litre IBC


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