Gripset C-Level is a high performance, a rapid setting cementitious self-leveling compound designed for internal use over a variety of uneven substrates. With its superior compressive strength, Gripset C-Level is compatible to be used under tile, stone, timber, carpet, vinyl and Gripset’s full range of waterproofing products. Gripset C-Level can be applied from 2mm-20mm in a single application and is durable enough to be used exposed in light traffic areas.

  1. Commercial grade self leveler
  2. 2-20mm applications
  3. Superior compressible strength over 50MPa


  1. Time-saving -Fast setting and ready for direct use.
  2. Conveniently pre-bagged – highly portable for mixing on sites in bulk mixing equipment.
  3. Does not require additives or admixtures
  4. Use over Underfloor heating
  5. Provides high strength at low builds


Substrates suitable for application of Gripset C-Level include:

  1. Concrete
  2. Screed
  3. Cement Sheet
  4. Heated Slabs
  5. Concrete blocks

Dry Times

Based on normal ambient temperatures of 23ºC
*Temperature, humidity and porosity
Touch Dry: 2-3 hours
Tiling/toppings over: 4-6 hours will vary dry times


1m2 at 10mm thick.

Note: Coverage will vary based on surface porosity and surface condition e.g. roughness, evenness, etc.etc.